Modern Women Artists Collection

Modern Women Artists Collection


  • Overview

    Bundle featuring the first five books from the MODERN WOMEN ARTISTS series:

    • SYLVIA PANKHURST by Katy Norris
    • FRANCES HODGKINS by Samantha Niederman
    • MARLOW MOSS by Lucy Howarth
    • LAURA KNIGHT by Alice Strickland
    • LEE MILLER by Ami Bouhassane


    The MODERN WOMEN ARTISTS series of collectable books reveals an alternative history of art, telling the story of important female artists whose art might otherwise be overlooked, overshadowed or forgotten. Working across a range of disciplines and artistic styles in the first half of the twentieth century, all of the women included in this series were modern. Read together, these books begin to redress the untold history of modern art.

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  • Book Details

    • 64 page hardbacks with 30+ colour illustrations
    • Published by Eiderdown Books, September 2019

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