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Frances Hodgkins - Featured Artist

Frances Hodgkins (1869–1947) was a painter of landscapes and still lifes, and was a leading figure in the British avant-garde movement of Modernism.

Originally from New Zealand, it was in Europe, and later Britain, that Hodgkins would develop her recognisable style and palette, moving away from Impressionism to embrace the colours and techniques of Modernism. A brief period of textile design would consolidate the inclusion of pattern in her later work. She was revered for her unique contribution to Modernism, merging the genres of still life and landscape.

it is easy to paint like your master & to think other peoples thoughts, the difficulty is to be yourself, assimilate all that is helpful but keep your own individuality, as your most precious possession - it is one's only chance.

Hodgkins’ work influenced a generation of British artists, the impact of which can still be seen today. Examples of her work can be found in the national collections of museums and galleries around the world, including Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, the National Gallery of Canada and Tate, London.

Frances Hodgkins by Samantha Niederman is available from early September 2019 as part of the MODERN WOMEN ARTISTS series. Visit The Eiderdown Books Shop for more information.

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